Facebook Down

Facebook was down for several hours, users that login to our website using their Facebook account were affected. In this kind of situation we advise users to also link their Google account. If you forgot your password because you relied on logging in by Facebook account, you may reset your password and receive password reset instructions on your ... Read More »

4th Oct 2021
WHMCS Security Update 2021-02-26

An important WHMCS Security Update was released on 2021-02-26 by WHMCS. WHMCS Security Update 2021-02-26The security issue is known to affect all versions of WHMCS released up to this date. WHMCS has published new releases for all actively supported versions of WHMCS as well as a patch which can be applied to EOL versions 7.7, 7.8 and 7.9. ... Read More »

27th Feb 2021
USA Hosting

USA Hosting is now available at US-East-01 Data Center. US-East-01 is located at the East of Virginia, United States. It is right on the west of Washington DC. Hosting Services that are available in United States; Web Hosting USA Cloud Hosting USA Reseller Hosting USA If you are an existing customer and you would like to migrate to ... Read More »

13th Dec 2020
JetBackup for cPanel Hosting

JetBackup is the leading software of data backup and migration for cPanel. We take security, stability and performance very seriously, and for some time now we have been considering to implement JetBackup for our customers to offer them a better service. After numerous testing and rigorous quality assurance precautions, we decided to take steps to ... Read More »

8th Nov 2020
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