Roundcube version 1.4 is officially the default Webmail client on our cPanel hosting. An update was released earlier in cPanel & WHM version 88, that updated the Roundcube version in Webmail from version 1.3 to version 1.4. Roundcube version 1.4 features a new responsive theme for mobile devices, as well as compatibility with the Calendar and Contacts Server (CCS) plugin.

Roundcube 1.4 Elastic is a newly released official responsive skin. It is the first responsive skin to support desktops, tablets and phones. Skins Larry and Classic from previous versions of Roundcube are also available with Roundcube 1.4 for those classic users that do not prefer change.

If Elastic is not enabled by default for your Webmail client, kindly refer to the following knowledge base article on How to enable Elastic skin for Roundcube 1.4?

Use the Roundcube webmail client to sort, view, and send email. It’s useful if you need a friendly-to-use interface with a few additional features. Roundcube includes mobile email access. Select the Open my inbox when I log in checkbox in the Webmail interface to automatically open Roundcube when you log in to Webmail.

Roundcube Main Features

  • Drag-&-drop message management
  • Full support for MIME and HTML messages
  • Multiple sender identities
  • Full featured address book with groups and LDAP connectors
  • Threaded message listing
  • IDNA and SMTPUTF8 support
  • Spell checking
  • Canned response templates
  • IMAP folder management
  • Shared/global IMAP folders
  • Support for external SMTP server
  • Support for access control lists (ACL)
  • Built-in caching for fast mailbox access
  • Unlimited users and messages
  • Import/export functions
  • Template system for custom skins
  • Plug-in API for flexible extensions

Roundcube User Interface

  • Available in over 80 languages
  • Three column view
  • Responsive skin (multi-device support)
  • Attachment previews
  • Find-as-you-type address book integration
  • Searching messages and contacts

Sunday, May 31, 2020

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